Whether it’s art, band, choir, weekly praise and worship participation during chapel services, piano lessons, mission trips, or the biennial musical, there are multiple classes and ways for students to express their creativity. Keswick Christian School understands the important role the fine arts play in creating a well-rounded curriculum. Teachers, coaches, and administrators work together to ensure students have the opportunity to pursue the fine arts and see their passion for creative expression blossom while still having plenty of time for academic excellence and athletic pursuits.

Questions about KCS fine arts?

Beth Steele
Fine Arts Director
(727) 393-9100 ext. 340


  • Middle & High School Visual Arts
  • Middle & High School Bands
  • Middle & High School Choirs
  • Middle & High School Live Musical Theatre
  • Preschool & Elementary School Music Classes
  • Band Classes starting at 5th Grade
  • Honors Curriculum for Visual & Performing Arts
  • High School Praise & Worship Band
  • Elementary Art Class
  • 5th Grade Worship Leading- TRIBE
  • Piano Lessons for 2nd – 12th Grade
  • High School Music Missions Trips


We pride ourselves on not only being one of the best private Christian schools in Pinellas County, Florida, but also one of the most creatively stimulating. Kindergarten through fifth grade students are exposed to general music classes and art classes.

Fifth grade students are required to take band and sixth grade students are required to take choir. In addition, sixth grade students choose between pursuing art classes or continuing in band or choir as an elective. Thanks to the well-balanced curriculum of Keswick Christian School, students are also able to take both band and choir at the same time if they wish. From there, middle school and high school students will engage in more challenging coursework, honing their skills in their chosen discipline until graduation. Art classes include 2D and 3D art, as well as AP-level versions of those classes. Students interested in band will experience Intermediate Band in seventh and eighth grades and Wind Ensemble from ninth through twelfth grades. Those expanding their singing talents will enjoy Cantus Choir in seventh and eighth grades and Concert Choir from ninth through twelfth grades.

If interested, sixth through twelfth grade students can volunteer for our Worship band and fifth grade students can sign up for Tribe worship team, both leading during different weekly chapel services. There are also plenty of opportunities for students to perform for large audiences. Whether it’s the annual elementary Christmas concert, the band and choir concert at a nearby church, the mission trips every other year, performances through the All-State music group, and more, our students have fun using their gifts to glorify God and bless others.